Vanessa Hudgens Christmas Eve Upskirt



Oops! High School Musical hottie Vanessa Hudgens was spotted making a few last minute purchases in Studio City, California on Thursday afternoon December 24 when she gave the paparazzi a little upskirt Christmas surprise. Well, that can happen when you are sorta going for bottomless look and using a baggy sweater as a dress. She was in the middle of wrapping paper battle when the bushy upskirt was unleashed. This came at a great time too because Vanessa is suing the owners of several websites including for posting naked pictures of her on their site and for refusing to remove the racy images from their page. The photos, taken on a cell phone camera, show Vanessa in all her naked, hot-bod bushy crotch glory. In her lawsuit, Miss Hudgens claims that the pictures were "self-portrait photographs" that were taken in a private residence for private use. The lawsuit also contends that:

“The photos were obtained by unknown methods and posted on the internet by an unknown person without Hudgens’ knowledge or consent.”

Apparently, the leaked nudie pics were intended for the eyes of boyfriend Zac Efron only. But don't worry, the juicy leaked pictures are all over the and will not be coming down anytime soon. And thankfully Vanessa is Vanessa and apparently cannot stop exposing her crotch in front of cameras. You would think after the first scandal and the flak she took for having a hairy bushy jungle between her legs, she would have started to shave her pussy on a regular basis. But she is still an all natural girl despite all that so I am thinking Zac must be a bushman. Anyway, when you are suing people for posting your nude pictures like what Vanessa is doing, the last thing you want to do is to give the public more shots of your bushy crotch. But that is exactly what flack Vanessa did and of course the paparazzi was there to document the occasion. Below, she is seen as she flashed her panties while out shopping and having an impromptu sword fight with wrapping paper. Sorry to say but this time around she is wearing underwear but nevertheless, she does give good crotch. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Vanessa Anne Hudgens (born December 14, 1988 in Salinas, California, United States) is an American actress and singer. She made her debut in 2003 appearing in the Hollywood films Thirteen and Thunderbirds, before reaching fame in 2006 after appearing in the Disney Channel film High School Musical hit series. Hudgens began a music career and released her debut album, V, in 2006. Her sophomore album, Identified, was released July 1, 2008.

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